Apply for permission to operate a traditional medicine clinic

Giấy phép hoạt động là căn cứ pháp lý quyết định hoạt động khám bệnh, chữa bệnh của các cơ sở khám chữa bệnh. Bởi vậy, cơ quan chức năng quy định chặt chẽ điều kiện cấp giấy phép hoạt động của Bệnh Viện. Ngoài điều kiện về cơ sở vật chất, Bệnh viện phải đáp ứng đủ điều kiện về chuyên môn và máy móc thiết bị.


No. Document Name Quantity Specification
01 The business license with activity of “medical examination and treatment” 02  The latest notarized copy
02 The practicing certificate of Doctor who is responsible for professional in clinic (traditional medicine specialist or traditional medicine physician or certificate of herbalist) 02 cert./
 a person
The latest notarized copy
03 The certificate of experience of doctor in charge (minimum 54 months) at register specialist 01 Original. According to form in Decree 41/2011/TT-BYT;
04 The practicing certificates of all doctors who practice at hospital 02 cert./
 a person
The latest notarized copy
05 A labor contract between doctors and the company 01 The latest notarized copy
06 Declaration of medical facilities and equipment of the clinic, schema of clinic   Customer provides information on facilities and equipment for declaration.
07 Other personnel document of staff in clinic (receptionist, nurse, nurse, etc.): ID + family book + Qualification + Labor contract 02 The latest notarized copy
08 Contract or invoice for purchasing medical equipments for medical equipment business units 02 The latest notarized copy
09 Leasing agreement of clinic 02 The latest notarized copy
10 A fire protection certificate 01 The latest notarized copy
11 An environmental protection scheme 01 The latest notarized copy


1/. Duration

- The implementation period:  30 - 60 working days.
- If customer don’t have the paper in item 10 (the fire protection certificate), the implementation period is 10-15 working days or item 11 (The environmental protection scheme), the implementation period is 30 working days;

2/. About physical foundation

- A diagnosis and treatment room must be at least 10 m2 large and have a place for patient reception;
- Depending on the scope of its registered technique expertise, a traditional medicine clinic must also satisfy the following conditions:
+ If providing acupuncture, massage and acupressure, it must have a room or a place with beds for acupuncture, massage and acupressure, at least 5 m2 for each bed;
+ If providing medicinal sauna (anemopathy), it must have a sauna chamber which is at least 2 m2 large, closed and well-lit;
+ If preparing some pre-packaged medicines, it must obtain permission of the Department of Health of the province after appraisal.

3/. Medical equipments:

-For clinics providing medical examination, giving prescriptions and medicinal herb recipes:
+ They must have herb cabinets with medicinal herbs and substances contained in drawers and securely covered bottles or pots with labels showing names of medicinal herbs;
+ They must have medicine scales and divide medicinal herbs according to recipes.
- For clinics providing acupuncture, massage and acupressure:
+ They must have beds for acupuncture, massage and acupressure;
+ They must have sufficient tools for acupuncture, massage and acupressure and infrared lamps;
+ They must have sufficient tools for and guide the relief of over- acupuncture.
- Clinics providing medicinal sauna must have a medicinal steam system;

4/. Personnel:

- Persons in charge of professional and technical activities of clinics must be doctors with a practicing certificate compatible with the specialty and have conducted medical examination and treatment with traditional medicine for at least 54 months for traditional medicine doctors; 48 months for assistant doctors in traditional medicine; 36 months for Galenic physicians or persons who have handed-down family remedies or treatment methods.
- In addition to the person in charge of professional and technical activities of a traditional medicine clinic, other persons is working in the clinic and wishing to conduct medical examination and treatment must have a practicing certificate and may only conduct medical examination and treatment within the scope of their assigned jobs.  

5/. Scope of technique expertise of polyclinic:

- Medical examination and treatment with traditional medicine (with or without medicinal herbs);
- Use of finished traditional medicines produced by other facilities which have circulation registrations granted by the Ministry of Health for use in medical examination and treatment;
- Preparation of medicinal raw materials into medicinal powders and slices and scaling of medicinal recipes for patients;
- Practitioners with handed down family remedies or treatment methods may conduct medical examination and treatment only with these remedies or methods;
- Before producing pre-packaged medicines (ointment, pill, pellet or powder) for use by their patients, traditional medicine clinics shall register these medicines with Department of Health of the provinces on their ingredients, production process (enclosed with a description of the physical foundations and equipment), effects, dosages, contraindications and labels. These medicines may only be used by patients of traditional medicine clinics and may not be marketed.

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