The application of certificate of satisfaction of security and order conditions

To complete the work file, Customer is advised to provide the following documents:


Document Name




Curriculum vitae of the legal representative


 The original is certified by the local, VLC provides the form


The business license


The notarized copy


ID card + The family book of legal representative


The notarized copy


A minutes of fire safety inspection


The original


- The implementation period:  10 – 20 working days.
- For works over 03 floors must be constructed the work of fire prevention as: fire solution; emergency exit; the domestic fire extinguishing system; fire cistern; automatic fire system Sprinkler; automatic fire alarm system; ventilating fan, ventilating system for venting out of smoke in basement; anti-lightning system). In this case VLC will quote a specific price after surveying the actual works from the performance unit.
- The validity of certificate of satisfaction of security and order conditions: Not specified

Business lines and trades subject to security and order conditions include:

1. Making of the seals of agencies, organizations and armed forces units; post seals, title seals, signature seals and other types of seal.

2. Production and trading of industrial explosive materials and ammonium nitrate of high content (98.5% or higher), including production, recycling, preservation, purchase and sale of industrial explosives and industrial explosive accessories, and ammonium nitrate of high content (98.5% or higher) for civil use.

3. Production and business activities using industrial explosive materials or ammonium nitrate of high content (98.5% or higher), including blasting services and industries and sectors which use industrial explosive materials or ammonium nitrate of high content (98.5% or higher) in their production or business activities.

4. Production, trading and repair of supporting tools, including production, assembly, purchase and sale of supporting tools and accessories thereof, and repair of supporting tools.

5. Production of fireworks, covering production, trading, export and import of fireworks and materials for firework production.

6. Provision of travel accommodations, covering hotel and inn business and other types of accommodations for overnight or hour-based guests.

7. Lease of houses or offices to foreign organizations and individuals.

8. Printing activities, including plate making, printing, post-press processing and color photocopy.

9. Pawn services, covering provision of loans on the condition that borrowers deposit a property as pledge.

10. Karaoke bar business, including the provision of services for customers to sing along recorded tapes, disks or other visual recording media.

11. Dance hall business, including the provision of various kinds of ballroom services by business establishments satisfying law-prescribed conditions.

12. Massage services, which apply physiotherapies to rehabilitate and improve human health (except massage establishments employing people with disabilities).

13. Provision of prize-winning electronic games for foreigners.

14. Casino business.

15. Debt collection services.

16. Trading of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), including gas trading agents, bottled gas selling shops, gas-bottling and automobile gas-filling stations, gas supply stations.

17. Production and trading of signaling devices of priority vehicles, including production, trading and import of signal flags lights and horns for giving priority signals of motor vehicles.

18. Repair of hunting rifles, including repair and replacement of parts and accessories of hunting rifles of all kinds, with permission of competent state agencies.

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