Change to increase charter capital

In the course of business, the increase of charter capital often occurs; VLC provides the consultancy services related to procedures for the charter capital’s change.
  • Consultancy on cases of the charter capital’s increase
  • Consultancy on ways of the charter capital’s increase
  • Consultancy on the legal responsibilities of each involved member / shareholder.
  • Consultancy on the liability of the legal representative for the capital increase
  • Other relevant contents

1. The cases of the charter capital’s increase

a) To increase the contributed capital of members;
b) To receive the contributed capital of new members;
c) To offer to the existing shareholders;
d) To offer to public;
e) To offer the individual shares.

2.  The documents

For the increase of the charter capital, the document shall have the notice, the resolution and the minutes of the meeting of the members' council/ the shareholder’s council.

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