The change of the company name

A business name is the first known element and helps to confirm the existence of the enterprise. All the success of branding construction is related closely to the name of the enterprise. Therefore naming for the enterprise is one of the most important and difficult determinants of the enterprise.

The change content of company name

Changing the name of a enterprise is one of the contents that need to change the business license at the business registration office, including:

  • To change the company name in Vietnamese;
  • To change the company name in English;
  • To change the short name of company

In the case of changing the name of the company in Vietnamese, in addition to changing the business registration certificate, it is necessary to re-carve the round stamp of company.

The documents

- Certificate of business registration

- The information of new name of the enterprise


- The enterprise still uses the old invoice as change of company name and address of the same district.

- The Enterprise stops issuing the invoices (from the date of issuance of business license).

- The enterprise shall make a statement to submit at the tax office, and then issue the unused invoice. If the enterprise need us to make this procedure.

- The Enterprise makes the square stamp with the company name and tax code and the new address to seal the old invoice.

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