Merchandising business restructuring

In recent years, due to the fluctuations of the Vietnamese economy as well as the world, the number of dissolution of companies and enterprises has increased steadily.
At VLC Company, there are many customers who want to cede the enterprises to the other organizations or individuals, and then the customers will not take the time and the effort and the money to carry out procedures of dissolution. Therefore, the cost of transfer usually is a certain symbolic figure, may be 0 Vietnamdong or under the agreement of the parties.
In accordance with Enterprise Law 2014, the rights of the company owner are transferred a part or whole of the charter capital of the company to other organizations and individuals and the transfer must comply with the provisions of law.

VLC provides the services related to the transfer of enterprise

  1. To survey, evaluate and analyze the opportunities and risks of the enterprise that the customer intends to purchase, sell or merge.
  2. To give advice on the legal issues related to the enterprise that customers want to purchase, sell or merge.
  3. To consult, study, report and assess the legality of enterprises in the transaction of purchase, sell or merge. To plan and recommend the solution and the legal itinerary for the transaction, to identify and demand the performance of obligations, to propose the solutions on the taxation, the property ownership, the company ownership, the contractual obligations and the complex legal risks arises in the transaction. To draft, negotiate, evaluate and give advice on the content of trading documents, contractual negotiation and shareholder agreement documents.
  4. Comprehensive legal consultancy for transactions in purchase of share, capital contribution, capital transfer, division, separation, consolidation, transformation, reorganization of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions.
  5. To give advice on the restricted regulations in the industries/ sectors, to analyze the probability and prospects of success of the transactions, to obtain approvals for special transactions from the authorities, the matters related to the transaction structure and the change of control right in the transaction
  6. To give advice on the appropriate application of forms of transaction and contracts in order to maximize the interests of customers and minimize the administrative procedures as purchase, sell or merge the enterprise.
  7. To be representative of clients to negotiate with the partners about the transaction content, the contracts and other related matters.
  8. To compile the transaction documents and the contracts of sale or merger. And to be representative of customers to carry out the administrative procedures, register at competent agencies on the purchase, sale or merger of such enterprises.
  9. To perform all legal procedures related to the change of license at the Department of Planning and Investment.
  10. To assistance and consult the law regulation after the enterprise completed the purchase, sale or merger.

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