The application of the work permit

Để hoàn chỉnh hồ sơ công việc, yêu cầu Quý Công Ty bổ sung những giấy tờ sau:

To complete the work file, Customer is advised to provide the following documents:


Document Name




Certificate of business registration or investment license


The notarized copy within 3 months


Police record of foreigner made in foreigner’s country.


The Original – within 06 months from the date of issuance (it must be legalized in consulate).


Police record of foreigner made in Vietnam
(if foreigners have been  resident  in Vietnam)


The Original - within 06 months from the date of issuance.


Approval written of the use of foreigner labor from the People's Committee in HCM


The Original.



Health certificate


The Original - within 06 months from the date of issuance. (If making in foreign countries, it must legalize in consulate).

7 Degree, and
Certificate of 05 years experience
02 The original was legalized in consulate.
(VLC supplies the form of Certificate of experience)
8 Photos 4x6 (bare head, not wearing glasses, eyes look straightly, white background) 06 Clients supplies
9 Passport (All pages) 02 The notarized copy within 3 months


- The implementation period:

+ To apply a written approval: 15 working days from the date which the customer provides the sufficient information for VLC to prepare dossiers
+ To apply work permit: 15 - 20 working days from the submitting day (after obtaining the written approval to use foreign workers).
Total of time: 30-35 working days
- The work permit must be applied in place where the company is located
- Above fee excludes 10% of VAT, translation fee (if any) and legalization fee in consulate.
- The enterprise can get the Health certificate in following hospitals: 115 People’s Hospital, Van Hanh General Hospital, Thong Nhat Hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Trung Vuong Hospital, An Sinh Hospital, FV Hospital, Phuoc An Hospital – Branch 3, Thu Duc Hospital, SOS international.
- Documents were issued in abroad; they were legalized before sending back to Vietnam. After that they must be translated into Vietnamese and stamped by the Departments of Justice in Ho Chi Minh City (not in Hanoi).
- In case the applicant has a valid work permit in other enterprises, please inform VLC, then VLC will send the advice in detail.
- The validity duration of the work permit is 2 years.
- Police record of foreigners was issued in Vietnam: In cases where foreigners have not yet resided for 6 months in Vietnam, they do not need to apply for the police record in Vietnam
- In case applicant of work permit is manager or COE had the bachelor degree, then customer need to provide the certificate of experience in 1 or 2 year as a manager, COE (the legalization original).

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