The Registration Of Copyright Protection

In today's modern society, a copyrighted product is shared for free on the internet becomes too easy and commonplace. Think about it, if you do not register for the copyright protection to protect your intellectual property, it can lead to the product becoming free, anyone can use it, anyone can own it.

Therefore, copyright registration is a very important and significant. When you become a copyright owner, you have the right to allow others to use or not use it, if you want to share it for free, you may not allow others to use in a commercial destination.

Copyright is protected through registration at the National Office of Intellectual Property or through the industrial property representation organizations.

I. To complete the work file, Customer is advised to provide the following documents:


Document Name




The copy of the business registration certificate of the company


The notarized copy. For the author, or the owner of the registration is an organization


A work for copyright registration


Copies (For works with special characteristics such as paintings, monuments, reliefs, murals associated with architectural works; work’s size is too large, and cumbersome, a copy of the work is replaced with a three-dimensional space photograph)


A consent in writing of co-author


The original. For the work has co-authors


A consent in writing of co-owner


The original. For the work has co-owner


The family book of authors


The notarized copy


Id card (passport) of the authors


The notarized copy

- The implementation period:  15 - 40 working days.
- The protection term of copyright is 50 years

II. Copyright protection consultancy

V.L.C is an advisory organization in the field of Business - Investment - Intellectual Property who will represent and on behalf of copyright owners to apply for copyright protection before the competent State authority. V.L.C represents thousands of local and international clients before the National Office of Intellectual Property in the protection of industrial property objects and the protection of copyright.

1. V.L.C gives advice for clients on related issues

- To give advice and look up and evaluate the ability to register the copyright protection in accordance with the current Law on intellectual property;
- To define in detail the powers of the copyright owner against acts of infringing upon the exclusive right of the copyright;
- To give advice on procedures for the establishment of a ownership right of the copyright in the event that the copyright satisfies the protection requirements of the law;
- To perform the function of the industrial property representation under the authorization of the client, to carry out the legal procedures for the transfer of the copyright application;
- To give advice on the Official letter in reply to the National Office of Intellectual Property's comments on the protection competence of the copyright;
- To complain the refusal decisions to grant a copyright registration certificate;
- To oppose the application for the Certificate of copyright registration.

2. To complete the file and carry out the procedures for copyright registration

- To complete the copyright registration declaration;
- To be representative of customer to submit and receive results at the National Office of Intellectual Property;
- To be representative to monitor the handling procedures and feedback of the National Office of Intellectual Property;
- On behalf of the customer to complain the Decision of the National Office of Intellectual Property;
- To renewal the qualification of protection of copyright;
- To give advice on the use of registered copyright.

3. Consulting and representing clients in the enforcement of intellectual property rights

- An appraisal and conclusion on infringements of products / services that infringes the copyright monopoly at the competent state authority;
- To give advice and request the violator to terminate the violation;
- To complain and coordinate with the State agencies for handling violations related to copyrights and the unfair competitions related to copyrights.
Copyright is the author's exclusive rights to the work of this person. Copyright is used to protect the cultural spirit creations (also known as works) from copyright infringement.

4. The works are protected by copyright

a. Literary works (such as books, written speeches, magazines, news-letters, trade journals, teaching materials, technical materials, manuals, catalog);
b. Musical works (such as songs, operas, music);
c. Theater works (such as dance, drama, mime);
d. Art-work (such as graphics, paintings, sculptures, architectural works, prints, computer programs and lasers);
e. Photographic work (such as photographs, engravings);
f. Computer program, computer software and source database;
g. Maps, charts, globe graphics, graphs and technical drawings;
h. Brochures, prints and labels;
i. Film works (such as films, documentaries, television commercials);
j. Multimedia products (word-for-word works with images, sound and computer programs such as video games); and
k. Works of applied art (such as art jewelry, wallpaper, carpet).

5. The conditions of copyright protection:

The work must be original and creative
Originality and creativity means that the work is created independently and not copied from any other work. Copyright protection is applied only to the original contributions to the work and not applied to any element borrowed from another work.
Works must be expressed in a certain material form.
Creativity in the field of literature, art and science is only recognized as a work if it is expressed in a certain material form (also called materialization). For example, works of poetry and story are expressed in the form of written pages; cinematographic work in the form of film footage, visual artwork in the form of cubes, lines with the material forms such as wood, stone, etc. Expression of creativity in the field of literature, science and the art is plentiful and diversified from leaves, wood, stone, paper to computer RAM disk, CD-ROM.

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