The renewal of trademark

The duration of trademark protection is 10 years from the submitting date of application; the customer shall complete the procedure for the renewal of trademark registration certificate after 10 years. Contact V.L.C LAW OFFICE for trademark extension.

Renewal of the Trademark Registration Certificate - The implementation period

The duration of trademark registration certificate is 10 years from the submitting date of application and it may be renewed for successive times, each time is ten years.

The trademark registration certificate shall renew the validity within six months of the date on which the Certificate of Trademark Registration expires by the owner of the trademark registration certificate to the National Office of Industrial Property.

The renewal may be filed after the above deadline but no later than 06 months from the expired date and the owner of the trademark registration certificate must pay an extension fee and 10 % extension fee for each late month.

How to renew the trademark?

The receiving place of the applications: The National Office of Intellectual Property, the representative office of the National Office of Intellectual Property

The documents include

+ The original of trademark registration certificate

+ Power of attorney

+ 02 declarations

+ Receipt of fees and charges.

+ The supplement documents:


Document Name




Certificate of trademark registration


The original


The business registration certificate


The notarized copy


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