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A registration of trademark and brand name is a very important thing in the production and business. This is the legal basis for determining the owner right of an enterprise to the trademark, logo, brand name or product. When the enterprise registers a trademark and brand name, it will avoid other competitors to copy or imitate, thereby protecting the brand name of the enterprise, increasing its competitive edge.

I. Registration of the trademark

1. If the registration the trademark for the company or organization, pls supplement with the following documents:







Certificate of business registration


The notarized copy within 3 months


Sample of trademark (logo) to register


To copy disk or sent via e-mail


2. If the registration the trademark for an individual, pls supplement with the following documents: (if you register for the company, skip this items)







ID card/ passport


The notarized copy within 3 months


Sample of trademark (logo) to register


To copy disk or sent via e-mail



- Thời
- The effective duration of the trademark qualification is 10 years:

- The implementation period:



Progress of work

Time (working day)


To perform records when the customer provides sufficient records

2 days


Time to accept application form

60 days


Time to issue the qualification

10-18 months


Please send to VLC the trademark (logo) that the company wants to register; Then VLC will check (free) an overlap and creativity, support companies in registering the Trademark.


II How to name a brand name 




Brand name is a first known element and helps to confirm the existence of the brand name. All successfulness in building branch relates closely to the brand name. Therefore, naming brand is one of the most difficult and important decisions before coming out of a brand name.

In company with the trademark is the right to protect that trademark of the enterprise, so the registration of brand name (logo) protection is very necessary. It is the basis for an organization or individual to use a trademark to establish the ownership of its trademark, thereby establishing the brand name’s ownership of the business.

Today, trademarks are beginning to play a very important role in modern life, especially in a market economy. Commodities are becoming more diversified, consumers shall be instructed to be able to choose the right products quickly and accurately, and to name the product or service is a necessary condition. So trademarks are the brand name and invaluable assets of every enterprise on the market. Trademarks have the potential to help the consumers makes the informed decisions about the right products and services, protect the legitimate rights and interests of producers and service providers, and encourage the production regenerations and an economic development.  

Trademarks can be protected through an actual use or a registration. In Vietnam, the protection of trademark is only through registration. The applications of trademark registration are filed with the National Office of Intellectual Property or through the Industrial Property Representation Organizations.

V.L.C is an advisory organization in the field of Business - Investment - Intellectual Property who will represent and on behalf of trademark owners to apply for trademark protection before the competent State authority. V.L.C represents thousands of local and international clients before the National Office of Intellectual Property in the protection of industrial property objects and the protection of trademarks.


1. Being brief

Indeed, let's pay attention the names which are easy to memory and associate are short. During the computerization times, the speed of industrialization, modern life, the short element of the language develops highly the effect. However, it was also bound by its relevance and logic in linguistics. Do you ever have trouble in typing the domain of a website page? Of course you did and even misspelled.

A few bywords of short names: Tide, Nike, Rolex, Gap, MTV, Tata, etc. Some long names such as Morgan Stanley, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bausch & Lomb, etc.


2. Being simple

Simple elements are also same meaning with brief. However, another point is the experts would like to emphasize the use of the letters in the Latin alphabet. By today, the world does not have boundaries in the transmission and control information. The development of the Internet makes everyone closer together and understanding can develop richer. Therefore, using the Latin alphabet became more popular. Also in the opinion of experts, the names of brands are simple including fewer than six letters.


A few examples of simple brand names as: Nissan, Toyota, IBM, Coca-Cola, etc.

A few of complex names such as: Mississippi, Heineken, Boeringer Ingelheim, etc.


3. Being Reminiscent

Sometimes a generic name is difficult to imagine the product, service or main function of the company. Some brands was successful in part because of its name evokes right to the product. However, to do this thing successfully, we also need to combine two elements of short and simple; the goal is simple, concise and memorable.

A few typical names: Vinamilk, PlayStation, StarMovie, Fashion TV, etc.


4. Being unique


Uniqueness of the brand depends heavily on the personal creativity of that brand owners. Suppose as Sony brand are changed from the adjective “sonic”, in English means “sound” that wanted to say Sony as an expert on the production of audiovisual equipment. Or as the Lexus brand is a compound word of “luxury” and “Elegance”, which means “luxury” and “elegant”, and the actual results Lexus is the most luxurious and luxury cars of Toyota, etc. With this “unique” secret, the experts still recommend that we observe to the secrets to success as a simple, brief and easy to pronounce anymore.

5. Repeat sound

We often noticed that children learn to talk normally pronounce a word or words that aresimple direction that the young brain can perform. From that point on seeing that, the most obvious and easiest knowing of a word is with its sound rather than from the shape of that word. Applications of this discovery, brand’s experts also recommend us to design brand so that pronunciation’s side creates the convenience for everyone to be easy to read, easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

Some of the typical brands like BlackBerry, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, M&M, etc.

6. Being readable

One of the most effective modes of marketing is the method “spread by word of mouth”. Normally, a brand that is well known and referred to be by acquaintances, friends, family spread by word of mouth to another. Therefore, factors “readable” or readable of a brand have a very special effect.
Some typical brands such as Polo, iPod, Subway, Tiger, Samsung, etc.  

A few brands are hard to read as: Volswagen AG, Maersk, etc.


7. Can spell

Sometimes a brand is easy to pronounce, easy to read but not always easy to spell. Experts on marketing and branding advise us that we should not use numbers, upper-case letters or combination of both lower-case letters and upper-case letters in a trademark, or insert symbol or some icon into the brand name, etc. will make it more confusing and difficult to spell. Especially in times of Internet, you will be very hard to type on a domain name that contains the elements listed above. That's not to mention to the people sent by mailer or wrote that brand name so that it is right and not confusing or funny.

Some brands with the difficulty of writing or spelling, such as Hyundai, Daewoo, BoeringerIngelheim, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mitsubishi, etc. A few brands are easy to spell including Sony, Poca, Bebe, Spy, etc.


8. Being shocking

In many cases the brand names or labels shock and impress people to remember and associate easily. However, as naming brands, you should also pay attention to the meaning of words in order to avoid trouble, troublesome when used in multicultural world markets and multilingual. For example cases such as FCUK fashion (French Connection United Kingdom), while it was used in the market has created imprints not much good because it is akin to an obscene word of English. However, this case is quite special for every people to remember it longer and very unique.

Some brands shock or impress as Yahoo!, Red Bull, Woot, Jockey, Google, etc.


9. Being private

We are not unfamiliar with the brands or labels are successful from the name of its inventor or founder. Normally, brand is taken from the name of header of that organization or of a CEO with the great merit of the organization’s thriving. However, the brand was rooted in the minds of customers or long-term survival is required the extremely dogged, good PR work and full of creativity.

Some personal brand has resounding success, such as Dell, Ogilvy & Mather, Disney, Lipton, Honda, etc.

If you feel difficult in decision to select the brand name, our experts are always ready to assist you with the service of naming professional brand. Contact VLC today to be gaveadvice on the service.


III. The services of VLC

1. V.L.C gives advice for clients on related issues

- To give advice and look up and evaluate the ability to register the trademark protection in accordance with the current Law on intellectual property;

- To define in detail the powers of the trademark owner against acts of infringing upon the exclusive right of the trademark;

- To give advice on procedures for the establishment of a ownership right of the trademark in the event that the trademark satisfies the protection requirements of the law;

- To perform the function of the industrial property representation under the authorization of the client, to carry out the legal procedures for the transfer of the trademark application;

- To give advice on the Official letter in reply to the National Office of Intellectual Property's comments on the protection competence of the trademark;

- To complain the refusal decisions to grant a trademark registration certificate;

- To oppose the application for the Certificate of trademark registration.


2. To complete the file and carry out the procedures for trademark registration

- To complete the trademark registration declaration;

- To be representative of customer to submit and receive results at the National Office of Intellectual Property;

- To be representative to monitor the handling procedures and feedback of the National Office of Intellectual Property;

- On behalf of the customer to complain the Decision of the National Office of Intellectual Property;

- To renewal the qualification of protection of trademarks;

- To give advice on the use of registered trademarks.


3. Consulting and representing clients in the enforcement of intellectual property rights

- An appraisal and conclusion on infringements of products/ services that infringes the trademark monopoly at the competent state authority;

- To give advice and request the violator to terminate the violation;

- To complain and coordinate with the State agencies for handling violations related to trademarks and unfair competition related to trademarks.


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Trademark – brand name

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